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Bin Laden Construction Company Worked on the World Trade Center!

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Bin Laden Construction Company Worked on the World Trade Center!

Paul Laffoley, an architect who went on to become a famous modern artist, and his most-famous work, THANATON III. I have a framed copy of this extraordinary piece of art, which I enjoy greatly.

by Kentroversy

Synchronicity brought the work of Paul Laffoley into my life. As I enjoy all things that make me THINK, I was blown away by this man's modern art depictions of many hard-to-explain concepts. Laffoley just so happens to be represented by KENT GALLERY in New York City -- which was synchronicity # 1. The second was when Laffoley's name came up again in the short-lived TV series, DISINFORMATION, of which only four episodes were ever made for the UK's CHANNEL 4 TV network, and here in AmeriKa, for the SCI-FI CHANNEL. After viewing this on DVD, I had to know as much as I could about this visionary artist, Paul Laffoley.

This sent me on a bit of a quest ...

Recently, I was listening to an extensive in-depth interview with Laffoley on Radio Orbit, with host Mike Hagan. The interview was from a few weeks back, on February 21, 2007. To my surprise, at just over the thirty-minute mark of the interview, Laffoley begins talking about his varied experiences working as an architect. In the early 1960's, he described working for Emery Roth and Sons, a prominent New York City architectual design firm.

During the next ten minutes or so, Laffoley described working for Roth, which was one of the many design and construction firms working on this massive ten-year project. Of the construction companies working on the WTC project, Laffoley announced, was the massive multi-billion dollar BIN LADEN CONSTRUCTION CO., which is the family of the individual who was originally BLAMED FOR the attacks on 9/11.

Osama Bin Laden, or as I call him, Osama Bin Dead. I call him this, because the reasoning is simple as to WHY he has never been found in the past five-plus years by the Bush regime -- Osama is dead. And he died around the time 9/11 itself came to pass, and this is THE REASON for all the FAKED BIN LADEN VIDEOS that have been shown at various times in the past.

I mention this at this particular juncture in time, because we are about due for another installment of these faked Bin Laden videos, here in AmeriKa, as Bush Jr. and his neo-Nazi puppetmasters are trying to claim that there is a resurgance of Al-Qaeda -- or as they are more aptly named -- Al-CIAeda. This is because Al-Qaeda is a completely manufactured enemy of this boogeyman war on terror that THEY have said will be a 100 year war (against an enemy that does not, and has never existed, and will never exist in the future).

And, you know what?

It has NEVER been mentioned in all the 9/11 books, documentaries, and films -- that the Bin Laden family helped build the WTC complex.

I personally have many of these in my own reference library, and I have to say that this was news to me, and I am numbered among those who can be labeled as an EXPERT in all matters related to 9/11 -- simply because of the extensive research that I have done on this subject and its' related adjuncts.

But, it really wasn't the FACT that BIN LADEN CONSTRUCTION worked on the project that was the real bombshell of what Laffoley had to say in this interview. The bombshell as it were, concerned the explosive charges that were built into the buildings AS PART OF THEIR DESIGN! Laffoley commented on how shocked he was when he was asked to think about HOW he would build in explosive charges, to take down the building complex, BEFORE it was even built!

Therefore, all those people who are trying to damage the cunning research of the 9/11 Truth Community (a community that does not rightly count Alex Jones among its' members, by the way!) by saying that they could have never slipped in those charges some time before 9/11, need to understand that those demolition charges that brought down WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 were there all along! Furthermore, it was Marvin Bush who played a big role in the security of the WTC complex, and between the Bush's, the Bin Laden's, Larry Silverstein, and the peculiar behavior of both Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani -- we have all the major players in this up to their necks!

The reader might wonder WHY they might build-in explosive charges at the time the buildings are built. This is a natural thing about which to wonder. However, it is a FACT that the buildings in NYC are packed in tighter than sardines in the midst of their worst supermarket fate. So, it is axiomatic that the designers of these buildings (and their insurance companies) are looking for ways to bring down these buildings in a manner that will not endanger any of the surrounding and neighboring buildings.

Their answer is found within CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS, which most of us have seen via news footage of the implosions of old hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Before 9/11, one could find television specials of these controlled demolitions on the HISTORY CHANNEL and other cable channels like them. Post-9/11, I cannot recall seeing one of these specials being aired, which I personally believe has been done to draw our attention AWAY from these ideas.

Now, WHY would they want to wire a building for a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, when it could be taken apart legally? Well, the owners of the WTC investigated this, and the cost would have been more than what the buildings were worth. In fact, the aspect of 9/11 that I have heard NO ONE else mention, is that it appears to be the single largest case of INSURANCE FRAUD that this country has ever seen!

Besides, they met several objectives at once, in bringing down the towers in the way they did. They got their new BOOGEYMAN, now that the Soviet regime had been toppled, or so it appeared at the time. However, if Osama Bin Laden was supposedly responsible for 9/11, then what is this recent 'confession' from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed all about? Could it be that the Bush regime really know that they CANNOT produce a LIVING Osama, so they switched the blame to this new unwitting accomplice? These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself about 9/11.

The curious reader can listen to the interview of Paul Laffoley by Mike Hagan, as the link and the time codings are BOTH listed below.

Listen, and have your mind blown!

First-person prima facie evidence by someone who was himself there, working on the WTC project ... also, please do NOT forget that the company tasked with the clean-up of the WTC site was CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, INC.!!

If that is NOT a display of consciousness of guilt, I do not know what else it could be!

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