Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Truth is Comfort? Lies are Worse.

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"I had to shoot you down" -"Uncle Sam"

June 28th 2001
"Planes" hit towers on September 11th 2001?

On June 28th 2001, 2 months before 9/11 attacks, an American patriot named William Cooper talked about eminent 9/11 conspiracy that the United States government will perpetrate against its own people.

On November 5th, 2001, William Cooper was shot and killed by police officers.

Don't blame the cops, they just thought they were doing our country a favor. A lot of people were murdered past 9/11 by ordinary American patriots. Whose blood boiled, and who craved revenged. Those mislead people took revenge on Hindu cab drivers, 7/11 attendants, and other Muslim looking individuals.

That rage that 9/11 inflicted onto us is exactly what the real terrorists in Washington D.C. wanted to achieve. It's a military tactic and it's called divide and conquer.

That's why America did not come out of 9/11 stronger and more united.

The agenda is to kill most of you people. 6 billion earth population, too many, the agenda is to kill most of you and only leave 500 million living on the face of the earth. "

The agenda is to keep you asleep and happy, and dumb, and ridiculing this crazy conspiracy theories.

Now we both know if there are facts to a theory then it's no longer a theory, it's reality.

Watch these movies to find out why those terrorists are trying to kill off world population.

http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=-6285102809490705968&ei=Sui9SNWyNYGE-wGd-bSRCQ&q=origins+of+evil&vt=lf&hl=en

http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=-8545585184878490822&ei=mei9SMPeLo7I-gH58NDzCQ&q=2012+future+of+man+kind&hl=en