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"American Hospitality" Police Brutality at Free Tibet Action

Mar 28, 2008 3:48 PM
Subject: "American Hospitality" Police Brutality at Free Tibet Action
Body: Tibet Protest

Free Tibet Demonstration in NYC - Police action
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=rae0ufXb9QI&feature=related

Free Tibet March 10 in New York

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=B0OEH8YWQmQ&feature=related

Police violence against protesters is nothing new.

But since most people don't realize that it is standard procedure and has been for years - they are surprised when they find out.

Even seasoned protested believe the Propaganda. i.e. "Land of the Free" "Freedom of Speech" etc.

And when protesting I have often encountered the tired line from members of the public:

"Hey if you were in another country [we would] just kill you."

"You are disgusting, since you are not grateful that [we don't just kill you for doing this]."

~paraphrase "We are such a great country we let ungrateful assholes like you all parade around. Only in *this great country* do we allow creeps like you to say bad things about the government. But you don't deserve it."

The implication being that the public, or elements of the public, believe it is a privilege (that is abused) rather than a straight out right - for someone to speak their mind.

The most strongly protected [only] "right" [left] in "America" as I was told by a government worker at the Ulster County Mental Health clinic, is to wander the streets insane "if you so choose." In that case they won't bother you. It's too expensive to help. And, beside, it's your "right" to be mentally ill without treatment.

Point being, if you are ill and need help, they will leave you alone.
For More Info on this horror:
Treatment Advocacy Center

If you are doing political protesting a lot of government resources will be spent to harass you (spy on you and infiltrate your organization and perhaps even murder you).

A lot of money is being spend murdering people and causing major mahem in Iraq. And I understand the anti-war protests here have gotten smaller and smaller.

A sentiment I heard on the street yesterday from a seasoned and determined anti-war activists "Americans are colluding in an illegal war. They are colluding in murder. As long as they are not threatened personally, they do not care what happens to others."

I tried to defend the Public and said, "But don't you think the Mass Media is to blame for using its influence to mind control the population?"

He said, "No thePublic is responsible if they are allowing themselves to be swayed by the TV. Anyone can get on the Internet for a few hours and inform themselves."

I've lost the Man's card, but he sell stickers "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ramblin Gal on Susan Block, Spitzer and Retribution

Interesting, but I never got through all the psycho babble. I got the Pull it video you sent. Cute! Who did it? Nico? [npope, pollenb

I'm more in line with making fun of these people than trying to justify their actions with psychology. That's why I was happy to see Spitzer being derided in the press. If he isn't taken to trial and given some prison time, he gets off scot free other than the humiliation. He and his family are so filthy rich they cannot be monetarily penalized.

Politicians like Spitzer crawl and claw their way up the ladder certainly do not do it with any kind of public interest at heart. It's purely ego, to have the Press create a personna of them - not as even decent people. But as Powerful. Important. They want to mingle with the socially elite, with celebrities, people on page six. And scare other people into staying in line. Spitzer was as politically ambitious as Guiliani, Bush, Cheney or any of them. Even had his eye on the white house. And there was nothing he would not do to reach another rung of that bullshit ladder. He brought lousy prosecutorially abusive cases against people - for his agrandizment. Ignored 9/11 crimes because he was obviously in cahoots with the perpetrators. And passed draconian prostitution laws - to suck up to middle class voters. Now he is paying minimally for his crimes. His worst being that while 9/11 victims were spending time writing up their "citizen's complaint" or whatever they called it, and presenting it to him - with his promise that he would consider it - he was all time time using his legal staff (taxpayer paid) to draft an amicus brief in support of his buddy Larry Silverstein receiving seven something (instead of three something) billion dollars for the alleged "plane crashes" into WTC one and two.

So far his culpability in 9/11 has remained hidden - who knows if it will ever come out or even bee that important, now that he has hopefully committed political career suicide. But don't count on it! These political criminals rise like the pheonix after a time has passed - that's why it's important to keep his name and face out there as the joke they have become. The public at large does not get the message easily, so flaunting it as much as possible might help. Patterson, the guy who replaced him -has already admitted to sexual improprieties - although if he and his wife were split up I don't know why its such an issue. Guess he just wanted to confess now rather than later when it would inevitably be brought up to be used against him. But his campaign funds fraud and other stuff is of greater import.

Most import thing about him is, he is a Black man - and not too sound racist - I do find a lot more Blacks assume 9/11 was an inside job than whites do. Guess they have more reason to not trust the government, considering how disproportionate is their jail sentencing ratio. But most important - he looks like he would put up much less resistance should we prevail with our petition to reopen an investigation of 9/11. We know what a vicious animal spitzer is, and his intimate ties to Silverstein. so he would have pulled out all the stops to make sure this never happened even if we accomplished the number of signed petitions necessary. So hopefully Spitzer has been permanently defanged, and a little prison time thrown it would be great. Guiliani has been forced to drop out of the scene (publically anyway), and Kerik, that other great 9/11 player, may also be doing time. hopefully. who knows? the more of them gone, the merrier. But a continuous reminder to the public of just what scumbags they are - without our having thus far been able to Prove our case - that they were all involved in 9/11 - can't hurt!

later, lu ann

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Advice For Eliot Spitzer...
Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:27 am (PDT)

March 17, 2008 Amsterdamize New York! Advice for Eliot Spitzer

Seeing the likes of former New York Governor and anti-prostitution
"Crusader of the Year" Eliot Spitzer caught with his pants down around
his ankles was no big shock. Flagrant hypocrisy often lurks just beneath
the surface of showy morality, especially when it comes to sex.

It's aggravating to see war criminals like Bush and Dick blithely
continue to wreak havoc from their comfortable offices while johns like
Spitzer are lynched by the mob, especially when the whole "Eliot Mess"
seems to have been based on Federal wiretapping and bank transaction
monitoring that has Big Brother watching us like a Peeping Tom. It's
disheartening to realize that we live in a Bizarro World where a
politician can lead the nation into war on false pretenses and be
rewarded with a second term in office, but where illicit sex is an
impeachable offense.

Nevertheless, Spitzer's "crime" does bring up some interesting issues
regarding sex and money, men and women. Just listen to the chattering
sexperts trying vainly to explain why the former governor was an active
client of the elite Emperors Club call-girl service. Some declare him
spoiled, self-destructive or just plain nuts. Some say "boys will be
boys," and politicians will be politicians. Some cite the "arrogance of
power." The nastiest explanation is Dr. Laura's sisterly view that it's
all the wife's fault. Talk about being vicious when someone's down, and
just to sell a few books. Poor Silda Wall Spitzer. Before all the trauma
of recent days, she was quite sexy, as an old video of her showing off
the Governor's Mansion hothouse can attest. Maybe she should run for

But here's the problem with all the hand-wringing analysis: There are as
many different reasons why men go to hookers as there are men going to
hookers. One thing we do know: It's as natural as a bonobo female
presenting her big pink vulva to the male who just gave her a ripe
banana. When are we as a society going to grow up and face the fact
that, although sex can be spiritual and emotional, it can also be a
commodity for which some people (usually, but not always, males) pay
some other people (usually, but not always, females)? It might be
"wrong" in certain cases, like cheating is wrong. But should it be
illegal? Cheating isn't illegal. Nor should it be. And what about all
the single johns? They aren't even cheating. They just want to pay to
play with a consenting adult. Why should that be a criminal act?

Some say that prostitution should remain illegal because it reduces sex
to a business transaction. But many perfectly legal sex acts are
business transactions, from employees who sleep with bosses to get
promotions, to girls who go out with guys to get dinner, to guys who
sleep with women to stay rent-free in their apartments, to golddiggers
who simply marry for money. These approaches to sex are just as crass
and materialistic as the regular 'ho who asks for her cash up front, yet
they're not criminal acts.

With this in mind, I have some advice for Eliot Spitzer. Its such sound
advice, I think I'll write him an open letter

Dear Mr. Spitzer (may I call you Eliot?),

I have a great idea for how you could resurrect your now-dead political
career: Admit the hypocrisy of your sex life up until now, and work to
decriminalize prostitution in New York and in America.

I know, it sounds outrageous. But you know, in your heart of hearts, as
well as deep within your balls, that it's the right thing to do. And it
just might work. Before New York was New York, it was New Amsterdam.
Look at what they're doing in old Amsterdam. When prostitution is
decriminalized, crime goes down.

Come on, Eliot, you can do it! Use some of your family millions, your
amazing Harvard-trained brain, your now substantial name recognition,
your famously high testosterone levels, your legendary drive to win and
your deep desire to be one of the Good Guys, to get this ridiculous
victimless crime off the books.

If you succeed in "Amsterdamizing" New York and the country, I promise
you will become a hero to many. Your current abject humiliation will be
seen as a springboard to your greatest calling: the decriminalization of
prostitution. You could then become an advocate of sex workers rights
and safety, really truly helping some of the women you once patronized.

It would be a brilliant career move, as well as the best moral choice
for you, considering your current politically hopeless circumstances.
In the interest of my country, as well as my own promotion (I'm not a
hooker, but I am a publicity whore), I would offer my services to you as
a sex therapist.

No charge.

Susan M. Block, PhD

Of course, I don't expect the disgraced ex-guv to take me up on this,
not anymore than former New Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard took me up on
my idea for him to admit he was gay, or at least bisexual, and then
become the world's most successful Christian Evangelical Preacher to
gays and the Christians who love them, of which there are many more than
you might think. Pastor Ted was another quintessential hypocrite,
preaching that homosexual acts were condemned by God even as he was
committing such acts with a male hooker, while snorting meth and
grinning that big scary grin. But I felt that Pastor Ted was so crazily
charismatic and so flamboyantly, well, gay, that I kept hoping he would
"repent" by just admitting he was bi (or whatever he wanted to call
himself). Then his wife could say she was bi too, and then they could
both say being gay or bi was okay with God, and then they could start a
massive mega-church for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trannies and alt sex
lovers in Boulder, Colorado. This could have happened. But it didn't.
Instead, Pastor Ted went into "counseling" and shortly thereafter, was
pronounced, by his counselor/minister Tim Ralph, to be "completely
heterosexual." And everybody laughed and said "Yeah, sure."

So I expect that Spitzer will also continue playing the role of sexual
hypocrite that he has played lo, these many years. He will most likely
just slink off into "counseling," and then pronounce himself "healed."
And everybody will laugh and say "Yeah, sure."

But then again, maybe he'll have a genuine change of heart. Maybe he
won't go through the typical charade. Maybe he will see the error of his
ways. Maybe he'll recognize that when he went after prostitution "rings"
as New York's attorney general, he was wasting tax payers' money and
hurting people whose only crime was to exchange money for consensual
sex. Maybe, he will join the ongoing sexual revolution, and use his
formidable skills and resources to help bring about the
decriminalization of the world's oldest profession, then help make it as
safe and equitable as it can be.

Then Mrs. Spitzer can run for office. Or write a best-seller. Or do her
personal trainer. Or whatever she damn well pleases.

Dr. Susan Block is a sex educator, cable TV host and author of The 10
Commandments of Pleasure. Visit her BRAND NEW BLOGGAMY & POST COMMENTS

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Iraq War Protesters Take to the Streets

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Date: Mar 19, 2008 10:42 PM

Iraq War Protesters Take to the Streets

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By Michael Ruane, Sue Anne Pressley Montes and Petula Dvorak

Hundreds of antiwar demonstrators this morning tried to stop workers from entering federal government buildings, sat down in busy streets to block traffic, and staged a "March of the Dead" parade from Arlington National Cemetery into the District to protest five years of fighting in Iraq.

Small roving bands of protesters moved from intersection to intersection in the downtown D.C. area, slowing traffic before police officers hurried them along. There was some street theater -- eight women in white death masks and black robes sat for nearly an hour in the intersection of 17th and L streets NW until police dragged them away. But even participants said they were disappointed at the low turnout.

The demonstrations, which began at 8 a.m., were to continue throughout the evening. District transportation officials said they expected the evening rush to be affected and advised motorists to avoid the area along K Street between 13th and 17th streets.

The activities targeted an array of institutions that organizers blame for prolonging the Iraqi conflict, including the Internal Revenue Service and news outlets such as The Washington Post. It was the second day of a two-day protest marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the war.

"The war continues. People continue to die. We don’t want our tax dollars spent on funding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Ed Hedemann, 63, from Brooklyn, N.Y., who hoped to shut down the IRS for the day. "I refuse to pay my taxes for it.


The IRS, however, remained open. Police said the protesters had caused no major disruptions, but Federal Protective Service officers, who have jurisdiction in and around federal buildings, had arrested about 35 people for crossing police lines. D.C. police had made one arrest, as of late morning, for crossing a police line.

"We anticipate more arrests because the protesters are expected to try to block rush hour traffic later this afternoon. . . . We anticipate rolling street closures," said D.C. police spokeswoman Traci Hughes, who added that the process will be streamlined "They will pay a fine and be on their merry way.


Today’s activities began early as several hundred demonstrators gathered at McPherson Square and Franklin Square, then moved on to their targets at the IRS, the American Petroleum Institute and other locations.

A ragtag band of about 20 people, dressed in old bright-green band uniforms, led a parade of about 150 marchers down 12th Street NW to the IRS headquarters at 1111 Constitution Ave. NW. Members of the antiwar group Code Pink, dressed in their signature hot pink, held high a banner that said: "Not one more death. Not one more dollar. No Funds for War Crimes." Federal officers in black shades stood guard on the steps of the building.

Organizers handed out fliers that labeled the IRS building as "part of a crime against humanity" for funneling money to the Pentagon to finance the war. Donna Gould, a retired psychotherapist from New York, was wearing a white poncho that said in black letters: "Shut Down the IRS.


"I object to the fact that our tax money is used for war, killing, atrocities, and torture when it should be used for things that are life-affirming like health care, schools, housing, arts, bicycles, and converting to renewable energy," Gould said.

Officers began making arrests when the demonstrators, one by one, stepped over the metal barriers and police lines at the IRS entrance, making for the front steps. They did not fight their arrests and sat down quietly on the sidewalk, their hands handcuffed behind them. They were later loaded into a van.

But police did not seem eager to arrest anyone.

At 11:30 a.m., about 30 demonstrators were sitting in a circle, blocking one lane of L Street NW at 13th St. A ring of D.C. police officers on bicycles surrounded them. This had been going on for an hour, but a police captain on the scene said he did not plan to arrest anyone.

At about the same time, a group of about 100 veterans called Veterans for Peace was walking up Constitution Avenue, after a rally at the National Museum of the American Indian. Some of the older members were longtime protesters, their clothing covered with badges from the peace marches they’ve attended. But others were new to this. At the front of the line were about a dozen young veterans from the Iraq conflict, Dan Murphy, 23, among them.

"After the first time I got back, all I heard were lies -- how we were going to spread democracy, the weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein and Sept. 11," said Murphy, now a college student, who served in the Army for 4 1/2 years. "All of those were lies, and we all knew it.